Eric Zuley is recognized as a award winning top ten social media influencer in the world a Multimedia Marketing
Mogul that has mastered the art of monetizing media. He created the nationally and internationally recognized
movement #eZWay endorsed by over 500 celebrities, influencers, and CEO’s.
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The First Award was presented to Eric Zuley by the former director of the Golden Globe Awards & Spirit Awards Chris Donovan.

The first ever EZ Achievement Award. named after me for the Multicultural Motion Picture Association. These awards were signed of by the Mayor of LA and all council members of the city and county of Los Angeles.

Eric was also honored in 2014 with the Love All Humans Award.
Eric was also given the Trust Fund Medallion by the Los Angeles Children’s Trust fund in 2015.


The first eZWay Achievement Award recipient was the Co-Founder of E! Entertainment (now president of Metan Development Group ), Larry Namer, in 2012.

The second recipient was the founder of Woman Of Global Change Shellie Hunt in 2013.

In 2017, Frank Shankwitz, Creator of the Make-a-Wish Foundation accepted the eZWay Achievement Award.

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Founded eZWay Broadcasting

Received eZWay Achievment Award from MMPA.



Launched eZWay TV

Speaker at Think and Grow Rich the Legacy World Tour – San Diego


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  • Eric Zuley is an award winning and trendsetting marketing marvrick that has created a full service social solutions network echo-system that is revolutionizing branding and marketing. As seen on Fox, NBC, CBS, EXTRA, TMZ, Over 530 photos on Gettyimages, over 14 magazine covers, with a community of thousands of top tier quality influential entrepreneurs and entertainers utilizing his eZWay Network. Eric was the cover of Hollywood Weekly Magazine 150,000 copies in multiple states and stores. 
  • He has over 1800 produced and supported events under his belt, he’s interviewed over 3500 celebrities and CEO’s and has set the bar for many when it comes to podcasting and streaming talk show hosting. Mr. Zuley has coached hundreds of now successful podcasters on their elevator pitch and monetizing the microphone. With over 155,000 personal followers to his verified accounts many are curious on his promotional firm and agencies ability to help so many scale their businesses. Eric Z. Has shared the stage with Les Brown, Greg Reid, Jeff Hoffman, Sharon Lechter, Brian Tracy, Omar PERIU just to name a few. He has spoke on the Think and Grow Rick Tour and is the is a # 1 best selling author.
  • Eric has raised millions for non-profits through his non-profit eZWay Cares and is a universal peace ambassador for 150 countries and is officially recognized as the youngest digital Dick Clark. 
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