Eric Zuley’s The Influence Effect is a compilation of some of the top influencers, celebrities and change makers. This book teaches you how to create an influence effect for yourself or your clients. As well as share’s the award winning digital trailblazing multimedia mogul Eric Zuley’s life stories.

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Look at the cover of the book, Eric Zuley is in the center of the tornado with all eZWay’s affiliates and influencers funneling around him. This book features almost 45 testimonial stories on how doing it the eZWay has helped them. It also features the best of the best in what they do sharing their secret stew for you all to be fed.

The Influence Effect is the 1st of a 5 book series on (Networking yourself to success) Created by Eric Zuley, celebrating collaboration amongst leaders, celebrities, and experts.


Sharon Lechter

Award winning New York Times best selling author and financial professional

Golden Nuggets

This book holds so many secrets to success from the successful people on the eZWay Wall of fame

Frank Shankwitz

Creator of Make A Wish Foundation, created a movie that was nominated for an Academy Award Wishmant

Steps to Success

Authors in the book offer you their steps to succeed.​

James Dentley

Top 100 speaker in the world, award winning business strategist

eZWay Wall of Fame

Learn to collaborate with celebrity experts through the eZWay social network

Kate Linder

Star of Young and the restless, received star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame





Chapter 01


Chapter 02

The eZWay Effect

Chapter 03

The Wall of Fame

Chapter 04

James Zuley

Chapter 05

Dr. Dante Sears

Chapter 06

Sharon Lechter

You're influence should always effect others in
a positive selfless manner

Eric Zuley


Eric Zuley has been recognized as one of the top ten social influencers in the world. He has been awarded the Robert Novak award by Congressman Brad Sherman and Congresswoman Judy Chu with an endorsement accompanied by former Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa. Eric has graced the cover of Busienss Innovators, Small Business Trendsetters, Influential People and Hollywood Weekly Magazine which was seen in over 150 stores with 150,000 copies. Eric is an universal peace ambassador for over 185 countries and has interviewed over 2500 celebrities, influencers and ceo’s. Eric has spoke on hundreds of stages, his signature speech is on how he self built and networked himself into a 7 figure income and helped raise millions for charity non-profit organizations. Eric is the creator of his own social network with 300 respected speakers, authors, producers, actors, business owners and much more. Eric was one of the first to start the selfie mobile movement, and became his own live stream producer and teaches others how to moneitze the microphone.

Eric has mastered the art of affiliate marketing with over 120 affiates under his belt. He is truly a multimedia marketing mogul and has mastered the art of monetizing media. He has been coined The Modern Day Moses, Digital Dick Clark and is building his own version of a virtual viacom which he calls God’s Viacom

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